10 amazing Alice Springs experiences to check off your Bucket List

Image Source: Tourism NT/Mitchell Cox

Whether you’re visiting from overseas or an Aussie wanting to explore further, don’t leave without ticking these ten must-dos off your bucket list!

1. Hike the Larapinta trail

The best way to see the soaring mountain peaks, deep gorges and sparkling waterholes of the majestic West MacDonnell Ranges is on a 223KM multi-day bushwalk. This is regarded as one of the most scenic yet most challenging trails in Australia and was named as one of the top 20 trekking experiences in the world by National Geographic.

2. Take a trip to Uluru

No visit to the red centre is complete without seeing the iconic sacred rock. Learn about the fascinating history and culture behind Uluru, and watch breathtaking sunrises and sunsets on a day or overnight trip from Alice Springs.

3. See the original Alice Springs.

Until 1933, the town which we now know as Alice Springs was called Stuart, and Alice Springs was the name given to a nearby waterhole. Visit the original Alice Springs, conveniently located by the Telegraph Station, which is now a museum where you can learn about the intriguing history of the town.

4. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the MacDonnell Ranges

What better place to check ‘helicopter ride’ off your bucket list than the stunning red centre? Take to the skies to see the unique, stunning scenery of the West MacDonnell Ranges on a short trip or half-day tour.

5. Watch a remote school class

Alice Springs School of the Air uses technological methods to deliver an education to students living in a huge rural area spanning 1.3 million km. Watch a class and learn all about the obstacles and triumphs of this innovation.

6. Discover a desert oasis

You may be surprised to learn that even the harsh conditions of the red centre can nurture a beautiful desert oasis. Head to Kings Canyon to see the lush Garden of Eden, home to a glimmering waterhole, nestled between soaring canyon walls.

Image Source: Tourism NT/Shaana McNaught

7. Place a bet at the Camel Cup

Sure, the Melbourne Cup is fantastic, but this outback alternative is quirky and unique. Celebrate the history of camels in the outback, and enjoy a fun and entertaining race day like no other.

8. Ride a camel

If you’re feeling inspired after cheering on riders at the Camel Cup, climb aboard and experience the outback the way the first settlers did. Learn about the history of camels in the outback as you ride through gorgeous surroundings.

Image Source: Tourism NT/Jackson Groves

9. Hold iconic Aussie reptiles

Come face to face with the true locals at the Reptile Centre, home to the largest reptile display in Central Australia. See goannas, a crocodile, and plenty of snakes and lizards, and even hold some of the friendlier ones.

10. Watch the sensational outback sunrise from a hot air balloon

The Alice Springs sunrise is phenomenal, even from down on the ground. However, for a truly special experience, take to the skies and watch the sun come up from a hot air balloon.