Alice Springs Weather Information

Lightening over Alice Springs
Lightening over Alice Springs

In true desert style, Alice Springs climate can be extreme and unpredictable. Between its scorching summers and freezing winters, be sure to plan ahead when visiting the Red Centre of Australia.

The Australian summer extends from December to February and temperatures can range from 20 – 35°C (60 – 95°F). January is considered the wettest month, yet the climate around Alice Springs is generally dry; therefore rainfall won’t be an issue. If you do plan your trip in the summer months, when the temperatures are at an all-time high, you’ll have many more accommodation options and fewer crowds when visiting natural attractions. However, most walking tracks are closed during the middle of the day due to the extreme heat, which limits your time to make the most of outdoor activities.

Autumn is considered one of the best periods to visit Alice Springs, with warm balmy days and crisp evenings. Over this time, temperatures range from 12 – 27°C (53.6 – 80.6°F) starting from March to May. The high season in Alice Springs is over the winter, so if you’re considering visiting, the best time to visit is in the shoulder season around May, when the temperature starts to cool down and before the crowds of other travellers arrive.

As winter begins temperatures drop and the evenings can get incredibly cold. The average temperatures range from 5 – 20°C (40.6 – 68°F) and overnight temperatures can drop below 0°C (32°F) with frost covering the ground. So if you’re camping over this time, consider the extreme overnight conditions and pack accordingly.

When Spring arrives from September to November, the evenings remain cool, and sometimes thunderstorms roll in as the weather starts to warm up averaging between 14 – 31°C (56.8 – 87°F).

Alice Springs Current Weather
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If you’re deciding which time of year to go and you have a bit of flexibility, aim to visit Alice Springs in May, which is Australia’s autumn. Nevertheless, no matter what season you decide to visit Alice Springs, always come prepared with a spare set of warm clothes and check the weather conditions beforehand.