A Couple standing on Anzac Hill looking at Alice Springs
Anzac Hill - Image Source: Tourism NT/Matt Cherubino

Prepare to have your breath taken away by panoramic views of Alice Springs and the surrounding ranges at ANZAC Hill, located in the north of the town. The lookout offers unobstructed 360-degree views of Alice Springs and is one of few vantage points where you can view the majestic MacDonnell Ranges in all their glory. Take note of the interpretive signs bordering the lookout, telling some of the fascinating creation stories of the local Arrernte people. Whilst the view is sensational at any time of day, visiting at sunrise or sunset offers you a rare opportunity to see the red centre glowing with golden light.

Image Source: Tourism NT/Bronte Stephens

Not only does ANZAC Hill offer stunning views and insight into the Arrernte people, but it is also home to the most visited landmark in Alice Springs: the ANZAC Hill Memorial. The ANZAC Hill Memorial was proposed and designed by Rev Harry Griffiths in 1933, and unveiled on ANZAC day in 1934. Originally the memorial was dedicated to those who served in World War 1; however, it is now a memorial to all who fought for their country in all wars that Australia has participated in. A memorial wall of plaques sits behind the memorial.

ANZAC Hill is a significant site for both local Aboriginal people, and European settlers who now call Alice Springs home. It has become the centre of ANZAC Day remembrance events, and a popular spot for both locals and tourists. It is located a 20-minute walk or a short drive from the town centre.