Museums & Art Galleries

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Image Source: Tourism NT/Shaana McNaught

From geological history to exhibitions filled with Aboriginal paintings and theatre events, set aside some time to explore the rich culture of Australia.

In Alice Springs town centre, visit the Museum of Central Australia, which brings Australia's evolution and vast history to life. Wander through displays of meteorite fragments, fossils and more, with access to incredible collections of film, archival resources and objects related to Indigenous ceremonial life. Close by on Todd Street learn more about Australia's unique megafauna at Megafauna Central Alice Springs, displaying fossils found in Alcoota Scientific Reserve, an incredibly rich fossil site 150 kilometres northeast of Alice Springs. Here you'll discover marsupials, wolves and crocodile fossils along with Arrernte audio interpretations and immersive activities to interact with palaeontologists in the lab.

The Central Australia Aviation Museum brings insight towards historical aircrafts and aviation memorabilia and is home to two flying doctor planes for you to study close up. Here you'll be able to discover a collection of radio and aviation hardware along with films, photos and books.

Beyond museums, uncover the variety of art galleries in and around Alice Springs. If you fall in love with a piece of art, most galleries allow you to purchase the artwork directly so you can have a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Starting on Todd Street, you'll find local art from galleries like Talapi, This Is Aboriginal Art and Papunya Tula Artists. Talapi's focus is to promote Indigenous art in Aboriginal owned art centres, and it supports economic development within the community. Another great gallery is Papunya Tula Artists, which focus on artists from the Western Desert communities. Aboriginal artists in Papunya were the first to transition to painting traditional designs using modern acrylics and canvas, and this was how Papunya Tula Artists was initiated. Finally, This Is Aboriginal Art is a two-level art gallery and studio with a diverse choice of art for sale. Access commercial galleries like the Mbantua Gallery and Many Hands Gallery for a variety of art within all types of budgets.

For a change in medium, Tjanpi Desert Weavers create woven baskets and sculptures from wild grass. This incentive allows women in remote communities to be able to earn an income through their woven art. You can access Tjanpi's public gallery in Alice Springs with weaving workshops available for a more hands-on experience to learn the intricacies of their weaving style.

Visit The Araluen Cultural Precinct for an insight toward the rich heritage and art of this region. With both a museum and a theatre onsite and 1,100 artworks displaying the diversity of the region through photography, paintings, drawings and sculptures. Along with Aboriginal art, you'll also find culturally diverse art movement of non-indigenous local artists such as photographers and craft practitioners using mediums like silk or wool.

Whether it's learning about Australia's evolution or vibrant art, uncover the array of museums and galleries in Alice Springs to learn about the country's incredible history.