Best Alice Springs attractions to see with Kids

Alice Springs is a very family friendly location with most attractions well connected by car. Many organised tours depart straight out of Alice Springs, which means planning a holiday with the family can be an easy task. However, if you prefer to explore the area on your own as a family, whether it’s a short four days or extended two weeks, here are the best attractions to see with kids while you’re in Alice Springs.

Explore the incredible sites and rich Australian history starting in the town centre at Alice Springs Telegraph Station. The station is the oldest building in town and brings historical information about how Alice Springs became what it is today.

Next, it’s time to visit the Alice Springs School of the Air which provides guided presentations and even viewings of real-time (or recorded) lessons to gain an understanding about what remote education entails. The centre shares great insight towards what life in a remote community is like, and how technology plays a vital role in enabling schools of today to provide education for children across Australia.

To learn about local reptiles and species the Alice Springs Reptile centre is a great adventure for kids, set just outside of the town centre. Featuring different reptiles and providing an opportunity for the whole family to get up close and personal with pythons, lizards and learn about saltwater crocodiles and more. You’ll also learn about how to treat snakebites and what sort of first aid techniques to initiate should the unlikely occur.

After you’ve experienced the reptiles, it’s time to get in to the desert and experience the land. The Alice Springs Desert Park is made up of over 50 hectares of land where you can encounter desert animals and plants as well as free-flying birds. Throughout the day there are presentations about Aboriginal culture and bush tucker too. After this experience, you’ll probably be looking for some cute and cuddly native wildlife, which is where the Kangaroo Sanctuary comes in. This wildlife reserve not only is home to native kangaroos but also acts as a rescue for baby kangaroos. Opt to take a sunset tour through the reserve to experience them up close.

For something a little more informal, take a walk along the Larapinta Trail, which has several different trails starting from the Alice Springs Telegraph Station. Between 12 individual sections, you’ll be able to tailor the walk to suit all members of the family. All parts are within reach by four-wheel drive, so come and go as you wish. Along the track, you’ll find Simpsons Gap, Ellery Creek Big Hole and Ormiston Gorge perfect to stop at to experience the surrounding natural sites. Of course, the West MacDonnell Ranges is a great place to explore, home to dramatic gorges, swimming holes and rocky escapes. For an extended stay, opt to camp at one of the many sites and genuinely get a fix of nature and experience the outdoors.

Alice Springs has something for every member of the family, between its lush natural attractions and animal encounters, spend some time exploring these unique experiences, together!