Image Source: Tourism NT/Flow Mountain Bike

Experience the natural wonders surrounding Alice Springs, through one of the various cycling and mountain bike trails. There’s no better way to find peace and quiet than see this incredible landscape up close and personal.

The first thing to note that Alice Springs climate plays by its own rules, and the desert is no place to be seen in the heart of summer at midday. So adopt the local lifestyle and plan your ride at either end of the day when the sun starts to fade. Winter, on the other hand, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the world’s idea of winter. Out here, winter is the prime time to explore as temperatures drop, blue skies shine above, and there’s little to no rain. This time of year is the best way to have complete flexibility and freedom, with weeks of riding on the cards to truly explore the land in all directions.

Starting in Alice Springs, you’ll have a choice of routes to take. The Larapinta Town Path is a 6.5km track, which will lead you to Simpsons Gap, and the total distance is 24 km, which will take you to Cassia Hill Walk. This comfortable 1 km loop walk to the summit of Cassia Hill is a great place to stop and have a rest. Or take Flynn’s Grave, the path trails through the West MacDonnell National Park, where you’ll encounter Central Australia’s unique habitat and open land. From The Alice Springs Telegraph Station, the path is a 52 km round trip.

Image Source: Tourism NT/Travis Deane

Alice Springs is a central hub for mountain biking and cycling however in the area you’ll find a choice of trails through the national park area too. When it comes to picking the right set of wheels for your journey a mid-level tread tyre is recommended with good sidewall protection from the rocks.

Carry extra water especially in the warmer months, as you can expect to ride for kilometres in somewhat barren land. The temperature can soar, and many come unprepared for the intense heat, so always plan your distance and check the weather before your journey.